D day coordination- Prices


If you desire to organize your wedding by yourself but you wish to be able to enjoy the day as serenely as possible, ensuring that everything you have organized proceeds without complication

You can contact me for my
“D day coordination” services.

D day coordination service- Laure Annerel- Alliance Rêvée
Here are some details about my service “D day Coordination”

    First of all, a 1st appointment will be fixed, to learn more about you and to know more about your fabulous plans.


    We will do an updated itinerary of your preparations.Together we’ll examine the consistency of your planned proceedings and I can help, guide you through the final steps.


    About 2 months before your wedding, we’ll meet all the service providers that will be present on the big day in order to introduce myself to them and take over your work load until the Wedding Day.


    I will create an itinerary of the running of your big day and evening with all the service providers present.I will take charge of all the coordination and smooth operation of your big day as well as the possible unexpected events that my arise, to guarantee you one of the most beautiful days of your life to be cherished forever in your memory and heart, as well as in those of your loved ones.


D day coordination


Taxes Included
  • Available for you 7 days a week
  • Appointment focus preparations
  • Checking the consistency of the plans
  • Contact the service providers already selected
  • Technical visit with providers
  • Coordination of providers
  • D Day and evening schedule plan
  • Management of payments of balances
  • Attendance on the wedding day
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* Price likely to vary depending on the date, the destination and the number of guests to coordinate.