Destination wedding in Southern France – Prices


A destination wedding needs a specific Organization

destination wedding in southern France- Alliance Rêvée

Southern France means something for you and you dream of getting married in Provence or on the French Riviera.

destination wedding in southern France - Alliance Rêvée

Unfortunately you are living too far away to take care of the full wedding planning service for your destination wedding in Southern France .

destination wedding in southern France - Alliance Rêvée

Nevertheless it is unthinkable to marry you without the sun and the sound of cicadas.
As I understand you

destination-wedding-in-southern-france- Alliance Rêvée
destination-wedding-in-southern-france- Alliance Rêvée

The full wedding planning for a destination wedding in southern France over several days requires special logistics.

A wedding over 2 or 3 days is 2 or 3 different organizations, such as finding the different venue that will host your dinner or welcome drink the day before, the reception on D-Day and brunch the next day.
It is also to suggest to your guests a listing of different accommodations around to facilitate their trip.
To give them the contact of drivers or taxi’s companies to pick them up at airports or stations on the day of their arrival and departure.
And obviously provide shuttles on the day J.

As you can see, the full wedding planning for a destination wedding in southern France can’t be improvised.

Here is how we will move forward together in the full wedding planning for your destination wedding in southern France  to ensure you the wedding of your dream. And those despite the distance that separates you from your wedding venue.

destination wedding in southern France - Alliance Rêvée

    If you you need a full destination wedding planning we fill start with a first skype appointment without any commitment, to learn more about you, what you are expecting from me, which kind of venue your wishe and to know more about yourself. From that I will be able to create your very own unique and personal wedding book which I will introduce you through in out second skype meeting.


    Together, we will create the identity of your destination wedding in southern France to be sure that it will represent you, your personality and your taste.


    I will propose for you a choice of service suppliers that will be selected according to your needs and wishes, but of course you will always have the last word on all decisions made.


    You will be able to keep an eye on my work during all the process thanks to the online General Planning that I will create, especially for you.We will be able to interact with your event with one click.
    I will be available for you 7 days a week.


    I will create a schedule plan of your big day and evening, with all the different service suppliers present. On the big day I will be in charge of all coordination making sure everything runs smoothly, and dealing with any unexpected eventualities in order to guarantee you one of the most beautiful days of your life, inscribed forever in your memories and your heart as well as those of your loved ones.




    I’m not there to realise “my own wedding” but yours of course. I will listen to you to analyse and understand your ideas and dreams to be able to experience your perfect wedding.

  • MY Cost

    My cost will be integrated into your initial budget so there will be no hidden costs. You will however have to pay any bills and costs for any purchased items as with a normal wedding.


    I will create simple a payment timeline to keep track of your payments of the various different service providers


* Price likely to vary depending on the date, the destination, the number of guests and the number of events to plan and coordinate.