How to well choose your wedding venue ?

Lieu de réception - Provence- Côte d'Azur - Alliance Rêvée

You are engaged, the beginning of the wedding planning start and it’s very exciting. On the other hand, anxiety and stress are mixed up as well.

From where to start,

the choice of the date?
The choice of the theme?
The choice of the wedding venue?

The date : 

It’s good to have a date in mind, but don’t block yourself with a single date. It could limit you as to the choice of your venue. Some providers are reserved more than a year in advance …
The best is to leave yourself a leeway to not adding you additional difficulties.

The theme :

To have an idea of what you imagine, it can also guide you for choosing your wedding venue.
If you imagine a theme “natural chic” so forget the Luxurious Villas seen sea, or Luxurious Hotel of the French Riviera. You should privilege a beautiful domaine of a vineyard or Provencal Bastide.Yes, I’m obviously talking about what I know so about my beautiful area 🙂
On the other hand by no means the theme must block you as to a potential crush of a venue.

You will have understood it, the answer is to start with:

The choice of the reception venue

Then will follow all the other choices to make …

Wedding venue- Castle- Alliance Rêvée
Wedding venue- Out door wedding- Alliance Rêvée
Advice :

One of the first things to do is to define the overall budget. The one you want to allocate to you wedding planning. Without that, you would risk to engage yourself in some spending sometimes endless …

You will tell me ” It’s difficult to know because I don’t have the notion of how much costs a wedding”. You will be right because several criteria are taken into account. The place of your wedding (the area), the choice and the number of service providers, the number of guests, the date of your event (the season, the day – weekend or weekday), your different needs,  brief all this has a cost .

Tips :

The help of a wedding planner can be beneficial. He/She’ll advise you and will propose you some quality service providers according to your needs and your budget. In no case you will waste time visiting inappropriate wedding venues according to your wish or your budget. Same for all other providers. It’s a huge time saver !!!
Especially when you are living far away and that your visits in the wedding area are limited. Time is priceless.

That’s it, you’ve defined your budget, a month or a few potential dates, a global idea of ​​what you imagine for your reception, so you’re ready to start researching your reception venue.

Your wish is to enjoy your outdoor reception diner ? So privilege places with views or outdoor spaces with crazy surroundings. There is no point in betting your research on pretty reception’s rooms. But be careful of the weather. You always have to have a Plan B.
Conversely, you want to get married, for example, in winter? In that case priviledge your research to find a insulated reception rooms, heated and why not with a nice fire in a fireplace …

In short you have understood don’t scatter you, at the risk of losing patience because the wedding venue is one of the many providers useful to the wedding planning but there is still much to do after that.

Advice :

Check if the venue that you are visiting imposes on you things that might play in your overall budget. It can be wine if it’s a wine estate, different providers such as (caterers, DJ, wedding designer, photographer …), additional costs for overtime, corkage rights, ect …
And yes the wedding venue that you have just selected have a price that fits in what you had set, that’s great, but next to that if they impose the caterer with prices from 100 € but you have an envelope of 70 € / pers, then you will be off budget and it might prevent you for example to have the services of other providers.
Again check every detail.

Also remember to check accessibilities, parking modes, accommodation around if your “favorite” reception venue is a bit far, etc …

Finally keep in mind that:

« From the choice of the wedding venue will flow the rest of your planning !!! »

The advantage of having a wedding planner is not only to present you with appropriate wedding venues, it’s one of the advantages but beside that there are many more.

Don’t wait anymore contact me and we’ll form a perfect team to planning together one of the most beautiful days of your life 🙂

Wedding venue- Wedding planner- Alliance Rêvée

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