Wedding Ceremony, few ideas to help you to create it.

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You want to get married but you don’t have other belief that the love you’re wearing one for the other? You would like a wedding ceremony slightly longer than a civil wedding but you don’t want to go to church? Or you simply want to get married in an unusual place?

The wedding ceremony allows you a complete freedom on the idea of your wedding. It can be religious or not. If not, this is not a commitment toward god as a religious wedding but it is a commitment to you and your love in front of your family and witnesses.

Several alternatives are available to you in the way of organizing your wedding ceremony:

You can:

  • choose to write yourself your own text and ask someone from your entourage to officiated the D-day
  • ask help from a professional offician to writing your ceremony and keep someone close to you to officiate the D-day
  • choose to create together with a professionnal officiant the spirit of your ceremony and leave him/her the writing part and the responsability to officiate the D-day.

Whatever the chosen alternative, think to integrate to this wedding ceremony the intervention of someone close to you. Either for reading a poem or text that you both like and would like to hear that day, or leaving them write a little note to you for your special event or why not with a song.

There are also what we call rituals. Exchange of vows and alliances to the most classics but you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony some rituals more originals or spirituals for some.

Some examples of rituals to integrate to your wedding ceremony:

Sand ceremony- Wedding ceremony- Alliance RêvéeThe sand ceremony: Who is to mix in a common pot two sands of different colors. You can integrate your children to this ritual by adding as many color as person. The sand and color mixture is a decorative souvenir to keep.



Candles- Wedding ceremony- Alliance RêvéeCandles: The idea is to light a big candle to symbolize the common life. It can be done at two. The couple with a small candle light the central candle together. For more friendliness you can integrate your parents, witnesses or even all the assistance. The flame has to pass through each person to arrive to the couple who will light the final candle.



tree- wedding ceremony- Alliance RêvéeThe tree: Fill in together a pot from ground and then plant a tree and finally water it together. It can later be planted in your garden and will stay the symbol of your day and your love.




box- wedding ceremony- Alliance RêvéeThe box: A few days before the wedding, the futur bride and groom will write a love letter for her half. These will be placed the day of the ceremony in a wooden box with a bottle of wine and then sealed by the couple. The box will be opened a few years later to share a good glass around an emotionally engaging reading. And will remember this day filled with love.



And still much more …

You can again unleash your imagination to make your wedding ceremony more personal with symbols or rituals that you create.

The venue will also make your wedding ceremony more original and personal. It can be a place that you are fond and that has meaning for your couple, or just a very beautiful garden, a beach, a boat… Here again let speak your desires.

Inspiration pictures for wedding ceremony and some rituals

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