Few tricks for choosing your wedding dress

Wedding dress

We have all more or less imagined what our wedding dress would look like and yet … At the risk of disappointing you, rare are the girls who leave the shop with the same dress.

To choose your wedding dress there are some tricks.

First of all get an idea or few pictures as examples. From there, you must describe, in relation to these models, what you like and why these models have caught your attention. Obviously to better target your tastes we must also know and understand what you don’t like or less from them.

Then begin the fittings of various models with at least one of the criteria defined by the first stage. Be aware that that rare are the girls who find the dress of their dreams from the first wearing dress. Especially as the dresses are not necessarily in your size, therefore the heart stroke will not necessarily obvious. You will need several fittings before finding THE pearl, the one that will make you say “Yes, that’s MY dress”.

As the first step, each fitting of a new model, you will have to highlight what you like from the dress and what you dislike. Every detail counts, fabric, lace, rhinestones, form. Do not be afraid to say things. The more you talk the more you give important information about your tastes. It will help the salesperson to find YOUR DRESS. The one who, by itself, represents everything that you like.

There is also a criterion, unfortunately not fair but undeniable, is the shape of the dress according to your body.

A woman with a morphology in “A” would not be highlighted in a model of dress “Mermaid” which caress the bust, hips and legs.

However, her body would be highlighted in “Empire” model that soars the silhouette and hide wide hips, or a  model,  shape “Princess” or “balloon”

One more time, do not be afraid to get help.

It would be terrible to leave with a dress that you don’t like or half like or worse, who doesn’t fit you !!!

Here are some wedding dress inspiration