How did I become a destination wedding planner and Why ???

Destination wedding planner

I will reveal a little more of my personality and myself. And especially disclose to you how I became a destination wedding planner.

It is important to create a good relationship of trust between you couple and us destination wedding planner. It will be easier to express yourself in front of us without restraint and without shame. Open yourself enough that we get to identify accurately your expectations and desires.

Because what is the goal ? That you have a bespoke wedding isn’t it !!!

To make things easier for you, my turn to reveal myself a little.

My name is Laure Annerel, soon quarantine, married and mother of a little blondy girl so cute.

I'm destination wedding planner for Alliance Rêvée agency based on Provence and on the French Riviera and happy to be.

But before that ???

Before that, I lived 10 years abroad for professional reasons. In Scandinavia more precisely (Stockholm in Sweden and Copenhagen, in Denmark)

When I was young I was touched by grace (not divine) the one from classical dancers. I knew early on that I wanted to be a ballerina. Scary for parents who are not from the art world to accept this idea. Especially from a girl under 10 years old who says she wants to make, from dance, her job.

Yet, without my parents and their willingness to help me in my personal development and without my determination, I could not have accomplished this first career that presented itself to me

I started ballet class at 7 years old.
At 12 years old I had my first audition. To enter to  Ballet school, Janine Stanlowa in Paris where I was accepted. I left the traditional school curriculum for flexible hours at school.

General school in the morning and in the afternoon: DANCE. Daily 1:30 of Classic class then 1:30 of Jazz, contemporary, character, mime, music theory, history of dance or theater. A bit as the Juilliard School in New York.

Gold medalist from my promotion, I started my professional career at the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux. The mentality of the French ballet dancers do not match me I left my family, friends, boyfriend and France at 20 years old. Direction Sweden to the Royal Swedish Ballet without speaking a word of English.

I’ve always had a strength of character and I’m always given me the means to reach my goals. So this is not a recalcitrant English teacher who will scared me. Without belief on his part, here I am 10 years later bilingual. I love speak today this language that made me however suffering at school 🙂

Neither a dance teacher who wanted to see me relegated dance to a simple hobby that will stop me.

Don’t tell me that I can’t do it, it gives me even more strength and desire. And so far I  always had what I wanted.

Things do not fall down all believed in our mouth. We must give ourselves the means to get there. Sweat, determination, hard work and a lot of sacrifice then we can do it.

Being a perfectionist and determined, spending hours in front of a mirror repeating the same movements to reach the most correct, I have known. Weeks, and weekend dedicated exclusively to dance. Sacrificing unique moments of life as the wedding of my sister, I unfortunately also known. But I think again that we don’t have thing without nothing

I was lucky during these 10 years of career to dance very pretty roles, demi-soloist and even soloist. Spending a part of my life on stage has been a great joy and enormous pride for me. I can say I realised a part of my childhood dream by becoming a professional classical ballet dancer.

I’ve danced in all the greatest operas all over the world (Paris, New York, Beijing, Tokyo, St. Petersburg and even more) but I’m unfortunately not became “une danseuse Etoile”. (This is the highest grade of a ballet dancer, the principal dancer, above the soloists)

wedding planner
wedding planner
Wedding planner

Triggering factor :

Destination wedding planner in a lavender field with her husband
Wedding planner en Provence
Wedding planner
Wedding planner

At 26 years old I met the love. The one who was going to leave everything for me, his job, his apartment, his family, his friends and his country for coming to live with me in Copenhagen where I was living and working and later become my husband. This is the first time in my life that a man gave me one of the most beautiful proof of love. I’m not a person attached to the word (because beautiful words are easy to say) but I believe much more in evidence. And, what proof of love right?

At 28 years old the maternity desire was stronger than my career. It is on the Oman’s stage to the Emirates with my baby in the belly that I did my last reverence. My family has become my priority. It was inconceivable for me to let them pass after ballet as I always did before.

Back in France we settled in the South of France, more precisely in Agay on the French Riviera.

An area I was fond since my childhood. The sun, the unique landscapes and changing, between sea and mountains, the beautiful colors, scents and the chirping of cicadas.

What better place could I hope to find, for my destination wedding planning ?

I had to find and coordinate more than a dozen of suppliers during the planning. Photographer and videographer, hairdresser, makeup artist, car collection for the bride and groom, the guests transport and accommodations, find the beach with the celebrant for the ceremony, organise the refreshments, reception venue with it’s catering, accommodation for guests, part of the decoration and the balloon release, rental covering and knots for the chairs, the florist, the DJ, the magician for the evening, the covenants, the wedding dress.

Many hours spent for searching the different service suppliers, quotes, and many DIY (do it yourself)

Overall, the organization was well put together but it is true that having a wedding planner on D day would have saved two or three small details that I could not manage as a bride. And yes, it’s not evident placing the cell phone in the wedding dress to be sure that everything is ready when you arrive or nobody will be lost on the way …

Commandeer a member of familly or friend for manage any unforeseen that could quickly spoil your event is not a good solution. It’s a lot of stress for him and he can’t enjoy the day as all the other guests and could quickly be tired of his new role.

My new vocation was found. I wanted to use all the ideas who scramble in my head to put in the service for other furture brides and grooms.

Given my perfectionist side, it was inconceivable for me to become destination wedding planner pretext that my own wedding had been a success without really learn the job.

Because yes destination wedding planner is a profession


It is through Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy which at the time was called “Label Mariage” The national wedding business alliance, that I could train myself to my new profession. Training is done by selection with cover letter for become wedding planner, true entrepreneur.

I met some extraordinary young women. All with the same desire as me to learn more about our new profession “wedding planner”. 15 days of exchange, learning, laughs, working and sharing with Muriel, Luke and the girls. The successful final test, I’m leaving with my certificate of professional competence as a wedding planner.


The adventure could finally begin with the creation of my business, brainstorming to find the name of my agency, identity, logo, etc …

Registration to the Chamber of Commerce as a wedding planner done, I did a lot of appointments with the various wedding suppliers, without who I could not plan anything. A strong selection of the best professionals has been done to guarantee you a perfect wedding, live up to your expectations.


In love with my area in which I live and in view of the numerous requests, I decided to specialize in the planning of destination weddings in Provence and on the French Riviera.

Given my perfectionist side, I returned to the Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy to acquire all the knowledge of this specialization in order to be able to legitimately say and prove that I am a specialist in the destination weddings planning.

So i’m a destination wedding planner. I am a whole person and when I do something I do it 1000%

Sharing these unique moments of life with you has been my vocation for almost 10 years

Are you looking for a destination wedding planner

for a unique wedding in Provence or on the French Riviera ?
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