Laure Annerel from Alliance Rêvée agency specializing in the destination wedding planning in Provence or on the French Riviera.

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Destination wedding planning

Specializing in creating tailor-made celebrations with the aim of providing you with an unforgettable experience, I transform your dream of destination wedding planning into a dazzling and unforgettable reality.

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Imagine a wedding that exceeds all your expectations, where every detail reflects your deepest wishes and desires. You benefit from personalized support, combining professional advice and kindness. Whether you dream of an outdoor ceremony, merging with the natural beauty of Provence or the French Riviera, or a romantic dinner under starry skies, I am at your side to bring every aspect of your vision to life.

Destination wedding planner

My mission is to ensure that organizing your wedding is not only an enjoyable but also an enriching experience, leading to a unique and memorable day. I am committed to creating and planning a destination wedding that suits you, personalized down to the smallest detail. With me, your wedding will not just be an event, but a celebration of your love, imbued with elegance, charm and magic.

Customized destination wedding planning in Provence or on the French Riviera for a bespoke wedding and an unforgettable experience

When it comes to celebrating love in an idyllic setting, Provence and the French Riviera stand out as destinations of choice, each offering a unique ambiance for an memorable destination wedding planning .

Provence, with its natural beauty and rustic simplicity, offers a picturesque and romantic setting, perfect for those who dream of a wedding full of charm and sweetness. Its lavender fields, olive groves, old stone farmhouses and vineyards as far as the eye can see offer a naturally elegant and intimate setting.

On the other hand, the French Riviera, synonymous with glamor and luxury, is the ideal place for a sophisticated and elegant wedding. With its sparkling beaches, azure waters, and emblematic cities such as Nice, Cannes or Saint-Tropez, this region promises a grandiose and sparkling celebration. Couples who choose the French Riviera for their destination wedding planning can expect an exquisite experience, blending the natural beauty of the Mediterranean with refined luxury.

So, whether you are attracted by the bucolic and authentic charm of Provence or by the brilliance and prestige of the Côte d’Azur, these two destinations offer a spectacular setting for a destination wedding planning that will remain engraved in the memories.

As a french wedding planner specializing in these two regions, each couple has the opportunity to see their dreams come to life in a setting that suits them. All you have to do is choose according to the reception venue suggestions that I will submit to you.

Below you will find a complete destination wedding planning offer meeting all your needs as well as those of your guests.

Full wedding planning

For an unforgettable destination wedding Southern France


We'll move forward to achieve together the destination wedding planning of your dreams. The idea is that you enjoy every moment, both during the preparations and during your wonderful day.
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