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French wedding planner

Laure Annerel. Your French wedding planner bilingual for your destination wedding planning in provence and on the french riviera.

Forged by an exceptional career in the ballet world, I bring to each celebration a touch of grace, elegance, and expertise. For over 10 years, I had the privilege of living my childhood dream as a professional classical ballet dancer in France and abroad.

My journey in the world of dance turned out to be much more than just learning the art of movement and elegance. This experience allowed me to gain perfect mastery of both French and English, an essential skill in my profession as a french wedding planner specializing in the destination weddings planning. This ability to understand your wishes without being hindered by language barriers, and to easily converse with your guests from all over the world, is a real asset. It contributes to creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, fostering connections during your wedding ceremony.

My extensive travel experiences have also enabled me to understand the diverse needs of both you and your guests. Taking into account factors such as time zone differences to arrange video conference meetings is not a challenge, but an opportunity to make the planning process as smooth as possible.

After my career as a professional dancer, I passionately embraced a new project : the opening of my wedding planner agency. Thus, since 2015, my new professional life began, dedicated to realizing the dreams of couples who aspire to a memorable wedding in the enchanting settings of Provence and the French Riviera.

This is how I became a French wedding planner in Provence and the French Riviera

As a french wedding planner, I am convinced that nothing is impossible, as long as the necessary means are implemented to achieve it.
My training in the ballet world taught me self-improvement and discipline, giving me a perfectionist nature.
I am uncompromising with myself, leaving no space for error, because i know that each detail counts in making your dreams into reality

Despite this professional rigor, I am a smiling, upright, and honest person.
My commitment to making your wedding an exceptional experience, combined with my reliable personality, ensures that you can count on me at every stage of the planning process.
My dedication is to create an event that reflects your vision, while allowing you to fully experience every moment of this extraordinary day.

French wedding planner

My job – Elegance – Refinement – The beautiful things – The challenges – Having time with my loved ones  –  Animals and more particularly dogs – The sea – Sunshine – To travel – Candies…

Lies – Arrogance – Abstract art – The rain – The cold…


A quote from Leonardo da Vinci characterizes my philosophy and my way of working as a french wedding planner :

Details make perfection, perfection is not a detail

Léonard de Vinci

Training and certificates

Having always valued excellence and perfection in every aspect of my professional life, it was crucial for me, when I started my career as a french wedding planner in 2015, to establish my wedding planning agency on solid and professional foundations. It is with immense pride that I carry the certification from “Réussir dans le mariage,” the renowned training school for wedding planners, from the Muriel Saldalamacchia academy. This training is  distinguished by its official support from Label Mariage, the National Alliance of Wedding Professions in France.

In 2019, aware of the specific challenges related to organizing destination weddings in Provence and on the French Riviera, I made the decision to further specialize. I didn’t take this responsibility lightly, as I understand the crucial importance of possessing the specific knowledge needed to excel in this unique field. It required a delicate blend of expertise in both the wedding and tourism industries.

Thus, I chose to refine my skills at the Muriel Saldalamacchia Academy, immersing myself in a specialized program that allowed me to gain in-depth expertise in the destination weddings planning. This training was a crucial step in being able to legitimately assert that I am a specialist in this specific area of the wedding industry.

This initiative demonstrates my ongoing commitment to learning and continuous improvement. My goal is to always provide my clients with the highest quality services, based on the latest trends and industry best practices. Therefore, every wedding I plan is executed with the rigor, precision, and creativity necessary to create an exceptional and memorable experience.

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