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Detail of the offer of your French Wedding planner Laure Annerel for a

full wedding planning service southern France

For an unforgettable destination wedding planning.
Below are the detail of the services included in my full wedding planning service.

Full wedding planning service

I propose you a discovery appointment , which will allow us to get to know each other, and see if the feeling goes well between us. A good feeling is one of the paramount criteria in the choice of your wedding planner. 

Where will take place the discovery meeting

Several possibilities :

  • The most often, by Zoom, Video call. Yes the distance makes that the majority of the time we start our relationship through this lovely work tool that is the computer. So easy and practical 🙂
  • It can be done at my office. I receive you both or more depending on your family situation, your children can join us.
  • It can also be done at your home. In this case I come to your place, if you have a house in the area of course.
How will happen the first appointment ?

We will discuss and exchange a lot. The idea is to discover us so i can propose you after it something personal. I of course need to know who you are. Knowing what you love, don’t like, if you share common passions, how did your meet, get to know more about you and your couple. I will then ask you questions to know and understand what you want and imagine as wedding. Yes the main idea after all is to realise the wedding of your dreams.

How long does it take ?

On average it’s necessary to provide 1:00 to 1:30 hours. It can be shorter, if you don’t have a lot of time to give me but still count at least 0:45 min.
As much as I am very fastidious about the timing on the D-day, as much during the first appointment I don’t look at my watch.

What is this appointment for ? 

This discovery meeting will allow me to work on your wedding book. Thanks to the answers you will give me, I will be able to make you a personal proposal. Which will bring us to our 2nd appointment.

We had the pleasure of sharing a good time during our first discovery meeting. Here we are today at the second meeting where I present you your Wedding book. You will be able to see if I understood and targeted your desires and your expectations.

What is a wedding book ?

It’s certain that you, futur bride and groom, don’t have the notion neither the experience of knowing how much a destination wedding southern France can cost. In addition to being lost in the budget, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by all the new trends. The wedding book is a document that will gather all your desires and your needs for the full wedding planning in Provence or on the French Riviera.

What is the purpose of it ?

The wedding book will allow you to see if I understood what you wanted and imagined. If my propositions are coherent regarding your wishes.
It will also help you to budget the destination wedding of your dreams. To know if yes or no this famous wedding fits in your budget, or if you have to make some concessions. In the end this wedding book will mainly serve to make THE decision. Am I the right wedding planner to accompany you in this wonderful adventure? Would you like to share this unforgettable experience with me and to let me the management of your full wedding planning ?

Throughout the full wedding planning, I’ll stay reachable by email, WhatsApp, or Zoom video call (on appointment) as soon as you feel the need. Week, weekend, morning, noon and evening, according to the potential timezone difference and our mutual schedules.

I will be at your disposal (within reasonable limits, of course) in order to plan appointments to talk about the full wedding planning, as many as necessary. The advantage of these unlimited appointments is that the more we see each other, the more we get to know each other, and the more confidence there will be on D-Day so that you can let go and completely rest on me to enjoy the most of your wedding day.

I’ll bring you my knowledge and expertise so that you can make your decisions in any case. Real coach throughout the full wedding planning and even more D-day. I’ll be always at your side when you feel the need.

I’m not a wedding designer but a real wedding planner. On the other hand, to best guide the wedding designer, I will create for you the scenography of the wedding. Through inspiration pictures, we will determine together your tastes in relation to your wedding theme and your colors. I’ll give you some ideas to create a harmony in the overall scenography of the wedding and to create a personal identity to this day.

Organisation complète de mariage et décoration de piscine Organisation complète de mariage et décoration de table d'honneurGlam chic wedding head table

I will pre-select for you the most appropriate suppliers according to your desires and your budget. The idea is not to make you dream and waste time by offering venues, photographers, wedding designer off budget but really to achieve your dreams by going straight to the point. I’ll always let you choose your suppliers. I won’t impose anyone. The only thing that I impose is to work with a team of professional service suppliers only. However, you will always be aware of my opinion and the repercussions that your choices may have.
We will meet the service suppliers together because yes it’s very important that you know the professionals who will be part of the wedding team on the day.

Once your suppliers selected and validated I’ll take care of all the details of the full wedding planning directly with them. I’ll give them the documents and the informations they need to do their best on D-Day. They will be aware of everything we have decided.
I’ll make sure that everyone doesn’t miss anything and that all are operational on D-Day to sublimate your event.

In order to save you precious time in the full wedding planning I’ll try to group together several appointments at the same time depending on availability of each.
For example visiting several venues in the same day.
Meet the photographer, the DJ, the wedding designer and much more depending on your needs in the same day too.

As wedding planner, it’s my role to accompany you in the full wedding planning and introduce you to the wedding professionals who will form the wedding team on D-Day.

You will entrust me with a starting budget and I commit myself within the limits of reasonableness, of course, to make proposals that respect this budget or at least come as close as possible to it. I will create for you the wedding budget with the payment schedule. Once again my role is to accompany you and relieve you in all the steps that I can’t do for you.

I will create for you the schedule of all the tasks to make for your full wedding planning until the D-Day.
There will be the tasks that I have to do myself so that you can follow the progress of my work but also the tasks you will have to do. All categorized and order of priority of course.
This schedule will be personal and created especially for your wedding. Far from the general planning that can be found in magazines or other …
You will be able to access your planning at any time and from anywhere from the moment you have internet. On the phone, computer, tablet etc …
We can interact directly on this schedule so that all information is centralized.

The D day planning is essential to the smooth running of your day. In addition to all the necessary information for you, it will be essential to the different suppliers engaged for the event. Everyone will know where to go, what to do, and when with this document made especially for the occasion. That day nothing will be left to chance, everything will be framed, timed, and I’ll be there to make sure everything is respected.
The evening plan will be the essential document for the success of the reception. This will be the necessary document for DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Butler, Chef in the kitchen and of course the wedding planner. This document is made to facilitate the exchanges between us professionals of marriage with always the same optics, the success of your wedding.

The technical visit is scheduled at the venue with all the suppliers selected for the success of your wedding. It serves to anticipate any technical problems and save time during the installations on the day J. No unpleasant surprises, and everyone will once again be able to give the best by focusing only on what he will has to do, without worrying about managing in addition the unforeseen that one will have anticipated thanks to this technical visit.

I will create a personalized website to make available to your guests with all the important informations to know to facilitate their travel and stay Southern France.

I will make sure that I have received all the answers, will take care of relaunching the possible late answers, and make sure to have all the answers expected before the deadline so that we can move on the rest of the wedding preparations in all serenity.

Once again in destination weddings your families and friends come from far away. As a result, the majority of guests are accommodated around your reception venue but in different places. I will create a document to facilitate the planning and to better manage the accommodations, arrivals and departures of all. I will create as well a list with different accommodations (all budgets) around the venue that we have chosen together.

Planning a destination wedding is different from a local wedding. Most or all of the guests come from far away. Without necessarily having a car on the D-day. So, we will set up shuttle services or Bus in the day and in the evening to drive back your guests in their surrounding accommodations. The guarantee also to be able to party without risking an event that would spoil the memories.

Do you want to continue your wedding celebration with a brunch on the site the next day?
Or do you prefer to plan a welcome cocktail or a small dinner the day before ?
Just like the full wedding planning, I will make proposals adapted to your desires.

As a real conductor, I will take care of the coordination and the smooth running of your D-day as well as any unforeseen events. For that this day remains one of the most beautiful days of your life engraved forever in your memories and your hearts as well as those of your relatives.
The idea is again that you can enjoy your wedding.
I will be present in the morning, whether on the venue to unite the team, with you during the preparations to reassure you, soothe you, listen to you …
And of course all through this beautiful day, until you don’t need me anymore. Once the dance party is well and truly launched, that there aren’t more surprises or animations planned, and that the service is over, then it will be time for me to congratulate you again and tell you goodbye.

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A full wedding planning Southern France as project ?
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