a splendid glam chic wedding in the heart of Provence

Glam chic wedding in Provence
Entrance to a wedding venue in Provence
Provence wedding venue
Wedding in the heart of Provence
Wedding eye makeup
Bridal makeup
Wedding rings
Glam wedding dress
Yves Saint Laurent Bag
wedding earring
Bridal shoes
wedding cufflink
Groom tie
The groom and his groomsmen
Glam chic wedding
Wedding celebration with champagne
Wedding manicure
Bridal party picture
Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets
First look with bride and dad
Dady first look
Wedding ceremony in Provence
Wedding floral arrangement in Provence
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wedding flowers
Wedding ceremony floral arrangement
Glam chic wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony in Provence
Glam chic wedding in Provence
Bride and groom seated during their ceremony
Bridesmaid bouquet
Wedding welcome panel
Wedding cocktail area
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Love in Provence
bride and groom in Provence
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Glam and chic wedding dinner
French wedding cake
Dessert buffet
Cocktail bar Menu
juggler bartender
Bartender making cocktail
Wedding bar
Sneaker for wedding evening
Dancing bride
Wedding planner Var

Back in France after 10 years spent abroad, Laure Annerel now lives with her husband and their daughter in a pretty little village Provence.

In love with her region, she decided to specialize in wedding organizations between the French Riviera and Provence.

With her years of expatriates, she speaks a fluent English.

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