Traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony in Provence

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake
Provence wedding estate
Provence wedding venue
Traditional Nigerian engagement Ceremony area
Nigerian Drummer in Provence
Nigerian ceremony officiant
Nigerian Drummer
Nigerian Wedding in Provence
Traditional Nigerian ceremony
Nigerian groom Entrance Dance
Bride and asoebi ladies
Entrance of the groom while dancing - Traditional Nigerian ceremony
Nigerian Bride Entrance Dance
Nigerian ceremony ritual
Nigerian bride and asoebi
Wedding Nigerian Gele
Nigerian Bride and Groom
Ceremony ritual
Changement of Nigerian hat
Bride in her husband's arms
Gift ritual
Nigerian ceremony gift ritual
Engagement ring for Traditional Nigerian engagement ceremony
Nigerian engagement ceremony
Traditional Nigerian Outfits
Wedding cake Nigerian ceremony
Traditional Nigerian wedding cake
Nigerian ceremony cake
Traditional ceremony dance
Dance money bill rain Nigerian wedding
Couple photo in Provence
Nigerian ceremony couple photo
Loving couple in Provence
moi moi Nigerian
Wedding evening
Nigerian food
Newlywed dance under money bill rain - Nigerian wedding

If you too would like to plan a lovely ceremony in Provence contact me.

Laure Annerel Wedding planner Provence

Back in France after 10 years spent abroad, Laure Annerel now lives with her husband and their daughter in a pretty little village Provence.

In love with her region, she decided to specialize in wedding organizations between the French Riviera and Provence.

With her years of expatriates, she speaks a fluent English.

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