Wedding planner Cannes

Are you looking for a wedding planner Cannes to plan your wedding ? Congratulations, you are in the right place.

Laure Annerel from Alliance Rêvée Agency is the wedding planner Cannes who will be at your disposal for a bespoke wedding.
Wedding planner Cannes

Do you want to plan your wedding in Cannes or its surroundings ?

Thanks to her experience in wedding planning, your wedding planner Cannes will be able to support you and guide you throughout your steps in your wedding planning southern France.

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Wedding planning. How to have a wedding in Cannes?

The first thing will be to find the right person to help you in your wedding planning.
The preparations for a wedding represent a lot of tasks to be carried out in a more or less long period of time depending when you are starting it before the D-day.
The advantage of using a wedding planner Cannes will be to save you precious time. Thanks to its network of quality service suppliers, Laure Annerel will directly introduce you service suppliers according to your needs, your desires and your budget. Without ever imposing anything to you. You will remain in control of your wedding.

What are the risks of planning your wedding in Cannes without a wedding planner?

Although a wedding planner is not obligatory, it is an additional comfort that you can offer yourself.
First of all, because of the language barriere. All suppliers in France doesn’t speak english so having a wedding planner Cannes who speaks French and English can solve a lot of misanderstanding between you and your wedding team.
Secondly, the stress of planning your wedding can quickly create tensions or gaps between you in your relationship.
Not always the same investment on the part of one of the two future brides and grooms.
Not much free time to devote to researching service suppliers, requesting quotations, inspiration, etc.
Not always the same tastes…
Feeling like you’re the only one who has to make concessions without always understanding why.
The advantage of having a wedding planner Cannes for the wedding planning is that this third party will be the buffer during your moments of incomprehension. She will help you understand each other better and will support you more easily in your decision-making as a couple.
The idea is to experience your preparations as peacefully as possible especially because of the distance.

So indeed, even if hiring a wedding planner Cannes is not mandatory, it is highly recommended for your comfort during the your wedding planning and its progress.
So you will enjoys the most of your day by relying on this experienced professional.
Alliance Rêvée agency propose you its wedding planner services to take the pressure off you and support you in your wedding planning in Cannes or the surrounding area.

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Back in France after 10 years spent abroad, Laure Annerel now lives with her husband and their daughter in a pretty little village of Provence.

In love with her region, she decided to specialize in wedding organizations between the French Riviera and Provence.

With her years of expatriates, she speaks a fluent English.

Looking for a wedding planner ?

to plan your wedding in Cannes or its surroundings

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